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Puppy Class

'Attending our well-developed puppy classes will build the vital skills you and your puppy will adopt for life.'

Getting a puppy can be quite overwhelming and coaching you to develop your puppy’s basic skills will really help to get your new life together off to the best possible start.


Attending our well-developed puppy classes will build the vital skills you and your puppy will adopt for life and it is well researched that when established early within their life, it will aid their learning, development and life skills.


Our puppy classes are designed to develop both of your skills gradually, building to more challenging exercises, as well as honing your own understanding of the training process.

This process ensures that behaviours are taught, strengthened, and then made more durable. The classes also provide opportunities for you to trouble shoot any specific problems along the way.

Puppy Class focuses on the following life skills: The basics of, sit, lie down, and come when called, as well as walking on a loose lead (without pulling!).

It’s also important your puppy has self-awareness, so they can think for themselves rather than constantly be managed, so we’ll focus on some other aspects such as: The ability to settle, waiting, and having good manners around people, other dogs and food.


We will also work on them feeling more comfortable during grooming or when being examined during vet visits.

Class sizes: Approx. 5 dogs per session.


Suitability:  From as soon as the vets says it is 'OK to go out’ (approx. 2 weeks after vaccinations) up to age 6 months.

Duration: 1 hour sessions over 5 weeks.


All Classes are taught by Lynsey Moss, Positive Reinforcement Trainer.

Cute Puppy
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