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Cute Happy Dog

Companion Classes

Because even teenage or adult dogs 

need constant development.

This is a fun and friendly course for teenager or older dogs which need some support with their life skills and helps to strengthen your relationship. 


In this course you will be taught the foundation skills, ideas and methods to develop your dog.  You will be encouraged to be consistent in your training as well as making their life skills flexible and durable, ensuring that its pleasurable to take your dog into lots of different environments.  


The course focuses on the following life skills: Lead walking, recall, stay, controlled walking around people, dogs and fun objects, good food manners, impulse control and of course play.


Class sizes: Approx. 5 dogs per session. 

Suitability: These classes are suitable for dogs 7 months old and above. 

Duration: 1 hour sessions over 5 weeks.

All Classes are taught by Lynsey Moss, Positive Reinforcement Trainer.

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