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Walking with Dogs

One to One Training

Bespoke Sessions

If you want to get ahead with your training either with a puppy, adult dog or as a fun/working gundog, more bespoke one-to-one sessions can be the perfect way to achieve this.

Sometimes the ‘class’ environment can be overwhelming or distracting when you and your dog are learning new skills, or maybe session timings might not fit in with your normal routine?

Our 121 sessions teach and mentor you to train your dog. You are the key to them building and developing the skills they will use for life.

Sessions will be tailored to suit your needs and could include recall, heel-work, greeting people and dogs politely, eliminating ‘jumping up’, or improving ‘focus and connection’ during off lead walks. These sessions can be done in your own home and garden, in a secure training field, or on a walk.

One to one sessions are tailored to your needs, message me to find out about costs. 

Class sizes: Just you and your dog.


Suitability:  All ages


All sessions are taught by Lynsey Moss, Positive Reinforcement Trainer.

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